FSONE 2008 rFm Patch

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FSONE 2008 rFm Patch

Post by Chris Setzer on Wed Apr 15, 2009 1:24 pm

Hey guys,

today when we checked the new server we found out that in the new FSONE 2008 mod you don't get your fuel back after the qualyfing. That would mean, that you need to start with at least 110litres into the qual to just do a 2stop strategy. In fact that this is not what we aim to we decided to edit the rFm file to get the fuel back again.

megaupload.com OPARMWLV

Just unrar into your rFactor folder.
If you don't patch your FSONE, you will get a mismatch on our server so please do that before you come! It's really important!

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