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How to get a hotlap video

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How to get a hotlap video Empty How to get a hotlap video

Post by Chris Setzer Thu Jul 30, 2009 8:49 pm

Hey guys,
as you noticed we are uploading now hotlaps of a few drivers for every grand prix.
Now you may ask yourself, how can i get such a video on youtube?
You just have to do a few steps:
1. Do your wanted time/hotlap in rFactor
2. Close rFactor normal or end the session. Then go to rfactor/replayfridge/replay and there must be a file called #####hotlap.vcr . In any case #### stands for the track. In hungary that would be hungaroringhotlap.vcr .
3. After you found the file, copy it to some place where you will find it again. Because if you don't, the file will be overwritten the next time you end a session.
4. Contact me (chris) on MSN and send me the file. I will do the rest for you.
5. Wait for me to send you the youtube link and enjoy!

Best Regards, Chris

How to get a hotlap video Setzers[p]
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