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Larry Brooks New Member

Post by Larry Brooks on Tue Sep 01, 2009 9:08 am

Hello everyone.
My name is Larry Brooks
I am 32 years old from Oregon USA
I am extremely happy to get FSOne 2008 going finally. I have tried all the other F1 mods for Rfactor and have been disappointed with most. Until now.

I really want to join this league. I have over 10 years of race simulation experience. I race 125cc shifter Karts in real life, so I think I have a good sense of proper racing technique and rules. I am mature of course, and am looking for a league that consists of mature racers that are serious about the game and each event.

This last year I have been spending alot of time racing with the International Series Du Mans leagues. our 90 minute events are held every week, and our endurance events are roughly once per month, averaging 6 hours real time. I am a Race Steward at the endurance league.

Point of information, I am serious and experienced with online racing, and would like you to consider me in joining your league ASAP.

I do not have too many hot laps to post yet. I have gone through the F1 2009 season and made baseline set ups.. All of my times were competitive, and my laps are consistent and Safe.

Let me know what you decide. For now I will look for you all on the servers.

Thank you and Respectfully

Larry B

Larry Brooks

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Re: Larry Brooks New Member

Post by Chris Setzer on Sat Sep 05, 2009 1:21 pm

mate come to new forum

"Why won't you take it seriously?" - "Confidence"
Chris Setzer
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